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quarta-feira, agosto 01, 2007

My Little Coffer Of Love.

Ninguém fala tão bem sobre amor como o cantor Falção.
Deleite-se com esta obra prima.

Falcão - My Little Coffer Of Love

You are my sky, you are my life
My weight, you are my measure
My little coffer of love
While I am waiting for you
My soul is all it burning
Is this fire very fire

The times I remember with jalousie
Your little face, your deep smell
Your little way of kissing me
I am almost dying from will
Of embracing your little body
And to kill my loneleness

Come back my well, my love, my life
I waiting for you, come back fast
because my heart is almost stopping

I hope to give many kisses, embracings
To feel your heat
I want see you
Hug you, coutain you
Dying fast of love

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